The Definitive Guide to Consultant CV Preparation and

Job Application Forms

Written by practising NHS consultants you can purchase the latest version of this totally up-to-date manual, with 47 pages, which will guide you through every aspect of building your CV to the standard required to be shortlisted for a Consultant interview. The guide also shows you how to prepare a Consultant online application form, with advice on completing all sections including writing short statements and text - for example on leadership and teamworking, service improvements and innovations, teaching and research etc

The Consultant CV Guide is only £22 & includes

  • Lots of detailed information about how to build a high quality and professional CV suitable for senior level appointment
  • Sample CV - how a senior medical CV should look*
  • Formatting your CV correctly - structure, headings and layout, length, font etc.
  • CV Do's and Don'ts
  • Useful writing skills and powerful words & phrases for maximum impact
  • Covering letters
  • Anecdotes, legends and urban myths
  • Presenting your CV correctly
  • The Consultant CV and Application Form guide costs £22
  • It will be downloadable as a PDF immediately after completion of purchase
  • You will also be emailed a link to your CV guide

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Thank you for an eye-opening and inspiring day. The teaching was brilliant, the interaction and advice was superb and it all paid off. I was interviewed last week and I knew I had performed well, so it was no surprise when I got the job. Nearly every single question I was asked was covered by you at the course, and I structured my answers in the ways that you explained throughout the day. This email is probably too long for you to put on your website, but I am so delighted that I came on your course. I have been telling everyone to go. Thanks again

A word of thanks for all the team at Hammersmith Interview course! I was shortlisted at the first round. Your advice helped immensely with my interview the following week. I really learned how to present myself in a positive light, and it gave me a great advantage with some of the questions which were a bit left field. Your course built my confidence, improved my body language, kept me calm, and taught me how to score points in my answers. Thank you Hammersmith interview skills!

I only came on the course after a friend convinced me to and I am emailing you to thank you all (again). Not only was it actually really enjoyable, but I went to interview and secured an ST post in ****** in London. I am delighted (to say the least) and cannot thank you enough, especially for the helpful advice as well as all the information and techniques. I think I am a better doctor for going on this course. Well done."

Another success for your website! I had my interview 3 days after the course and it went like a dream. Every question bar one you had covered, and the one you hadn't I was able to use what I learnt on the course to be convincing and taught sensibly. I was told by the Chairman I interviewed very well and came across in a mature way - at which point I was trying not to start laughing. Great course.