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Latest feedback from the Hammersmith Interview Course

We are very proud of the highly positive feedback we get from you at every course.
Below you will see some of the latest (anonymised) feedback from email and course feedback forms.

Dear Hammersmith Interview Course team, I would like to thank you for your contribution to my success. I attended the interview course on 19th July 2019. I had an interview for *******. I achieved the highest score ...and subsequently I was able to choose the post I wanted. The CV guide, the interview notes, the presentations and the interview practice during the course were really valuable.
For me, your course offered me so much more than just interview support. It helped me to understand the function of the NHS better, particularly what is important for the managers and other non-medical staff.
I spoke with several senior registrars preparing for consultant interviews during the breaks and all of them reported that they should have done the course earlier.
I wish you all the best in the future and I hope to see you again before my consultant's interview at some point. (2019)

Thank you for an excellent, informative course. Have come away more clear about what is expected of me - where I need to improve - and how to prepare realistically. Really helpful. (2019)

Great course - highly recommended by colleagues and rightly so. (2019)

Amazing course. Tutors fantastic. (2019)

Excellent interview practice and tips. (2019)

Dear Medical Communication Skills, I attended a recent interview skills course. What I didn't tell anyone was that I actually had a consultant job interview two days later. I got the job. Until I went on the course, my reading up and interview practice had been pretty much hit and miss - I couldn't see the wood for the trees. The course helped to cut out the nonsense, focus on what was really required, and explain the reasons behind the types of questions asked. Its intensive nature was worth more than weeks of unfocused reading, wondering why I had to know about all sorts of seemingly unimportant issues. The hot seat questioning really helped too; although I was a nervous wreck on the interview course, I was told that I came across confidently at the real thing. I'm convinced that without the course, I wouldn't have a job! So, thank you very much. I have already recommended the course to everyone I know! (2018)

A very intensive course, but without doubt the most useful course I have ever been on. Entirely relevant, well delivered, structured and organised. (2018)

Excellent much better than another management/interview course. The best I've ever attended (value for money!). (2018)

The course was absolutely fantastic, and made the difference in every question I answered. You had covered every single one. Keep it up, good work! (2018)

Don't know why I ever thought I might not need to come on a course like this. Blew me away, so much I didn't know but presented in a crystal clear and relevant way. (2018)

You were recommended by my registrar who got her job after attending your course. An excellent, eye-opening day. (2018)