More information about the Hammersmith Interview Course

Information about the Hammersmith Interview Course

  • The Hammersmith interview course costs £299, including lunch, refreshments & the latest comprehensive course book
  • You will be trained using our interview-question based system of Hot Seat coaching and interactive lectures
    by our knowledgeable and interview-experienced Consultant faculty
  • The Hammersmith interview course has been established for several years as the leading interview preparation course in the UK. Use our considerable insight and knowledge to ensure you are properly prepared for your interview
  • Some courses get fully booked, so book early to avoid being disappointed - we can reserve you a place
    in advance for any course and we aim to be flexible if rebooking is necessary (Terms)

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Thank you for an eye-opening and inspiring day. The teaching was brilliant, the interaction and advice was superb and it all paid off. I was interviewed last week and I knew I had performed well, so it was no surprise when I got the job. Nearly every single question I was asked was covered by you at the course, and I structured my answers in the ways that you explained throughout the day. This email is probably too long for you to put on your website, but I am so delighted that I came on your course. I have been telling everyone to go. Thanks again

A word of thanks for all the team at Hammersmith Interview course! I was shortlisted at the first round. Your advice helped immensely with my interview the following week. I really learned how to present myself in a positive light, and it gave me a great advantage with some of the questions which were a bit left field. Your course built my confidence, improved my body language, kept me calm, and taught me how to score points in my answers. Thank you Hammersmith interview skills!

I only came on the course after a friend convinced me to and I am emailing you to thank you all (again). Not only was it actually really enjoyable, but I went to interview and secured an ST post in ****** in London. I am delighted (to say the least) and cannot thank you enough, especially for the helpful advice as well as all the information and techniques. I think I am a better doctor for going on this course. Well done."

Another success for your website! I had my interview 3 days after the course and it went like a dream. Every question bar one you had covered, and the one you hadn't I was able to use what I learnt on the course to be convincing and taught sensibly. I was told by the Chairman I interviewed very well and came across in a mature way - at which point I was trying not to start laughing. Great course.