Hammersmith Situational Judgement Tests (SJT) and GPST Exams. Instant access.

Online timed practice exams for Junior Doctors and Medical Students

What are these online examss?

We have prepared a very comprehensive selection of online SJT and GPST exams for those who are increasingly sitting these exams as part of selection processes, both in the UK and all over the world. There are 2 free example questions (see menu on right) to show the layout and how the software works. If you subscribe, you'll gain access to our huge bank of online SJT or GPST tests. These are all arranged as timed and scored exams, with advice on how to maximise your scoring potential. We have developed over 150 exam questions that accurately reflect the type of scenarios you will face. Consistent and correct explanations, checked by our consultant faculty, are provided for every question so that you can learn why one answer is more highly scored than another. This is one of the most comprehensive online sources of advice and practice SJTs available.

Why use these online questions?

We think these are the best collection of questions around. Our faculty have checked every question for relevance, and every answer and explanation for consistency. Our bespoke cross platform software runs fast, in your browser, and is totally confidential - no results are sent to or kept by us. Through having timed, marked exams you won't waste any time in learning where you might have gone wrong and understanding how to improve - rapidly. We can't emphasise enough how important a good score in the SJT or GPST exams are for shortlisting.

Why practice?

You're told these exams can't be practiced for. This is a common question, especially as the "official" line is that these can't be revised for and therefore you shouldn't practice. When were you ever told not to revise for an exam and thought that would be good advice?! Especially one that affects your career prospects? We have trialled these exams ourselves and on medical students and junior and senior doctors. Every single one of our testing panel reported that their scores improved as they practiced, simply by repeating patterns and looking for the typical "tricks" that are used to create uncertainty. Whilst these exams may be a proxy for psychometric testing (which in theory cannot be revised for) it is naiive to think that they perform in the same way as psychometric testing when it comes to preparation, pattern recognition and performance. These Hammersmith exams will help you practice, recognise key patterns and perform in the tests to the very best you can.


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