Hammersmith Stage 2 Online for GPST Feedback

We receive feedback all the time - on your feedback forms from the course and by email. We read and reply to all feedback sent to us. We have posted a small fraction of the feedback below.

We have many, many more!

Hammersmith Stage 2 GPST Online Exams only £20

  • Detailed advice for GPST Stage 2 techniques, written by our GPST experienced faculty
  • Hundreds of questions - clinical problem solving and SJTs packaged into mini-exams taking 20 minutes
  • Learning mode - answer questions, look up answers as you proceed and strengthen any areas of weakness
  • Exam mode - answers are marked automatically, allows you to check your progress
  • Detailed answers, some even with further links & references to enhance your knowledge base


  • Slick! Great questions, easy to use.
  • Thanks for a really useful online question bank. Got me focussed.
  • I've used the ***** question bank and yours - and I much preferred yours. Thank you
  • Easy to use, nicely presented. Good value. Website works well
  • Good for preparation and got me "in the zone". I was successful, so it worked!!

Hammersmith GPST Stage 2 online Courses

"I am writing to tell you that I have been successful and to thank you. The Stage 3 course was superb and I have recommended it to colleagues. The GP trainer gave really good advice on how to do the Stage 3, and the simulated patient sessions with the actors were really, really useful and realistic. In fact it was just like the real thing (even my scenario was similar). Please pass my sincere thanks on to the whole team - a very excellent course indeed."

"I have been offered a GP speciality training programme! Thank you very much for the care and advice you have given me during GPST stage 3 course. The course was very useful. I will recommend this course to my friends."

"This course came highly recommended by a colleague and did not disappoint! The GPST teacher was superb, really good knowledge of the whole process and the simulation scenarios were really professional. Very realistic and nice small group to learn from and work with. First rate and worth every penny."