Hammersmith Stage 2 Online for GPST Feedback

We receive feedback all the time - on your feedback forms from the course and by email. We read and reply to all feedback sent to us. We have posted a small fraction of the feedback below.

We have many, many more!

Hammersmith Stage 2 GPST Online Exams only £20

  • Detailed advice for GPST Stage 2 techniques, written by our GPST experienced faculty
  • Hundreds of questions - clinical problem solving and SJTs packaged into mini-exams taking 20 minutes
  • Learning mode - answer questions, look up answers as you proceed and strengthen any areas of weakness
  • Exam mode - answers are marked automatically, allows you to check your progress
  • Detailed answers, some even with further links & references to enhance your knowledge base


  • Slick! Great questions, easy to use.
  • Thanks for a really useful online question bank. Got me focussed.
  • I've used the ***** question bank and yours - and I much preferred yours. Thank you
  • Easy to use, nicely presented. Good value. Website works well
  • Good for preparation and got me "in the zone". I was successful, so it worked!!