Hammersmith Tier 2 / Overseas Doctors NHS interview preparation

We know how incredibly difficult and daunting it is to be faced with an NHS interview if you are an overseas doctor. We have over 15 years experience of helping doctors understand what is needed to be successful at an NHS interview. Before the rules changed, we helped thousands of overseas doctors get excellent jobs in the UK. Our experience is unparalled when it comes to helping overseas / Tier 2 doctors.
We will prepare you to face the most challenging questions and situations at interview stations, so you don't miss your opportunity to get into an NHS post, as a prelude to a training post if you desire.
Don't take any risks with your career plans. Book on the Hammersmith Interview Course now whilst places still available.

Overseas Doctors (Tier 2) Recruitment

  • NHS jobs (the good ones) in the UK remain highly competitive, especially in those specialties with reducing trainee posts
  • Some doctors want to get excellent experience to enable them to transfer skills and experience in jobs back home
  • Some doctors want to integrate into the UK system with a view to entering training or working as a Consultant
  • We have many years of experience of helping doctors with CV and interview preparation, successfully.

Hammersmith Interview Course for CT / ST Interviews

  • Our detailed insider insight & experience in interviewing doctors has paid off already for previous attendees. You need to be able to answer situational interview questions on dealing with difficult colleagues, your commitment to your specialty, personal qualities - strengths, weaknesses, ambition etc. What do interviewers need to hear to score you well? - we'll tell you!
  • How to answer 'tricky' questions at interview stations - doctors tend to be weaker and score less well on these. We'll show you the pitfalls and how to avoid them
  • Model structures to answer questions on audit, quality improvements, clinical governance, safety, appraisal and assessment, leadership, decision making and other key situational skills
  • In depth insight into the interview station type questions, communication and organisational skills to enable you to demonstrate the essential values and knowledge
  • You have the opportunity to 'reference' your performance in the 'hot seat' sessions against your peers, whilst being interviewed and coached by experienced Consultant interviewers
  • The positive feedback we get from doctors who have been successful after attending the Hammersmith Interview Course tells us we're getting it right. You should not miss out on something this important for your career...